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Coffs Harbour Bible Church School

Christian Schooling Centred on Christ.


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The Coffs Harbour Bible Church School is a ministry of the Coffs Harbour Bible Church to its members. The School reflects the Biblical mission of the Church in its philosophy and goals. The School Board which is headed by the Senior Pastor consists of the Church Board and principal. The School uses the full facilities of the Church property with some rooms dedicated just to the School.

The School has been granted an ‘exempt from registration’ status by the NSW Education Standards Authority for Kindergarten to Grade 10. This registration is a special classification under Part 7 of the Education Act 1990 based on a religious conscientious objection. As the school is a registered school with NESA, it is not accredited to offer the Record of School Achievment (RoSA). The School’s curriculum is based on and developed in accordance with the NSW Education Standards Authority syllabus. Our ‘Christian Ethos’ is heavily embedded into our curriculum, which in turn teaches our students to be ‘Christ-like’ whilst striving for a high academic excellence.

The school consists of four Learning Centres employing Christian staff who are dedicated members of the Church. We endeavour to support all staff in achieving their full potential through their various roles, especially in the growth of grace and knowledge of our Lord. Staff have the central focus of helping students flourish and mature into the productive citizens that God designed them to be.
We offer a safe and supportive environment for all students in attendance where we promote Christian values of:
• Empathy
• Respect
• Fairness
• Resillence
• Inclusiveness
Students are encouraged to be responsible, independent learners that are always seeking to develop their knowledge and skills in an ever changing world. 

School News

School Events 

School Cross Country                             24th April
ANZAC Day                                               25th April
1st Work Experience (Grade 10)           1st – 5th May
Mothers’ Day Stall                                   11th May
School Photos                                         16th May
Simultaneous Reading                          24th May
CSSA State Cross Country                    26th May
School Athletics Carnival                      19th or 26th June
2nd Teacher Prof. D. Day                     17th July

Term Dates

Term 1 – (10 weeks)       Tuesday, 31st January to Thursday, 6th April

Autumn vacation             Friday, 7th April to Sunday, 23rd April

Term 2 – (10 weeks)       Monday, 24th April to Friday, 30th June

Winter vacation               Sunday, 1st July to Sunday, 16th July

Term 3  – (10 weeks)       Tuesday, 18th July to Friday, 22nd September

Spring vacation                 Saturday, 23rd September to Sunday, 8th October

Term 4 – (9 weeks)         Monday, 9th October to Tuesday, 12th December

Summer vacation            Wednesday, 13th December to Sunday, 4th  February, 2024

School Resources

Our School has an array of documents and policies that are available in the links below.

Annual Report 2022


Parent Handbook


Policy Library


Statement of Faith


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